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Advice for Joetheazl  

November 11, 2007
ive been doin this trick for a while now, and it still pisses me off, not knowing how to do it right. i try arching my back, but whats makin my chest not upright is the height. height is my most BIGGEST problem i have. so please help me?

Analysis and Suggestions

This is actually a very good Raiz in my opinion. A few things could help it get higher and floatier, as Joetheazl wants.

First of all, when you go to jump into the move, focus on directing everything up, as if you want to throw yourself straight above you into the air. Visualizing this helps. When you do your step-in/dig/setup, try to position your foot so when you jump, your leg extends straight up. For more information on this, read this article:
Using Proper Foot Positioning to Your Advantage

Also, when you jump into the Raiz, think of lifting your chest up. After you dip it down, lift your chest up. Think of it like this: as you kick your leg up and turn over and jump, you want to try to stand back up with your upper body, so pull it all back up towards the sky. Just focus on getting your chest, back, and shoulders higher while still arching back.
Alternatively (or try adding this to it), don't dip your chest down so much when you step in and do your setup. Try digging it down only as much as you would in a 540 or something. Digging doesn't make you horizontal, lifting your leg up does! And it seems you manage to lift your leg up very well. So if you want after trying the other things, try not dipping your chest as much, but still lift it up when you jump, and also be sure to kick your leg up hard, and lead it away from you in a circle so you can land nicely. :)

Have fun! Remember, everything goes UP! :D

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