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Advice for RaizRunner  

November 02, 2009
Ok look, ever since i've started tricking i've always liked the raiz cause of its floaty feeling. But I just can't get that when I try it or it's swing through capabilities. I started learning it about 1 month ago. My landings are always so rough and heavy. What can I do to fix it. Thanks for helping!

Analysis and Suggestions

Interestingly enough a lot of your technique is already reasonably correct. One thing it seems like you're doing is just turning over, or trying to get your leg to go over side to side. Instead, you want to rip your leg backwards, and have it come down in front of you. Of course, since you're flipping over, "in front of you" now becomes the other side! Think of it more like an Aerial. Don't just sorta spin over, really open up towards the other side and yank that leg back there. Have the leading leg lift up and swing down like it would in an Aerial. Emphasize the jump. Make drastic changes to what you're doing if you want to start noticing difference. Don't just make little tweaks, make big changes! Once you start playing with these more and seeing what works for you, you will make great improvements! :)

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