Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font


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Introducing “Glamour Absolute” – A brand new “two-faced” bold serif with both modern and vintage curves.

Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font is the perfect choice for designers looking for a Serif font that combines the best of both worlds. Our expert team of cold copywriting specialists and SEO writers have crafted this font with utmost care, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of both design and search engine optimization.

With its bold and sophisticated appearance, Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font is a font that is sure to make a statement. Its unique “two-faced” design incorporates both modern and vintage curves, making it perfect for a wide range of design projects.

Whether you’re creating a website, designing a print ad, or developing branding materials, this versatile font is the perfect choice. It works equally well in both large and small sizes, ensuring that your message is clear and legible no matter where it is displayed.

At Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font, we understand the importance of finding a niche market with specific font needs. That’s why we’ve carefully designed this font to cater to a range of design styles and aesthetics.

Investing in Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font means you’ll not only get access to a stunning and unique font but also benefit from our SEO expertise. Our descriptions and content are SEO-friendly, ensuring that your website or content ranks high on search engines and reaches new customers.

Choose Glamour Absolute Modern/Vintage Font today and take your design projects to the next level with its bold, sophisticated, and versatile appearance.

A Two-faced beauty : Modern or Vintage

If you are going Vintage Retro : Access your OpenType features to access the large selection of alternate letters and ligatures, select the letters you like from the large variety to get the vintage look you are after. Vary between a light and heavy vintage look based on how many letters you alter.

If you are going Modern Chic : Just type with regular letters 🙂 Play with your letter spacing to add even more class to your designs.

Due to its split personality , Glamour Absolute is a very versatile font, covering a wide range project types, from bold magazine imagery , to wedding invitations, to branding, poster design and so much more.


Included in this pack : A free Photoshop Template with the subtle noise texture (at various strengths to suit your design) used in these previews.

The freebies expire regularly on, as new freebies arrive, so grab what you like when you can 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

Language Support : Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Norwegian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss German.