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Advice for talvinlee  

September 05, 2011
Hi, I have been doing the cartwheel for 2 days now.
When I'm doing a cartwheel I don't do it perfectly vertically.
I tucked my head in to help but I'm still not there. Any idea's

When I'm going to finish the cartwheel I have bent legs. I try putting the straight but they just bend back. Any help would be nice.

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 Skilzat99X October 23, 2011 4:46pm
Good to know! It's hard for me to give a diagnosis without the actual video :). Keep up the good work.

 talvinlee September 19, 2011 7:15am
Don't worry I can do it now. Now trying the front handspring and aerial.

 talvinlee September 05, 2011 5:00am
Sorry I never knew you had to leave a video of yourself... oops.