5 Advertisement Design Tips to Attract The Customer

Advertising is one way of conveying messages to customers. The main purpose of advertisement is to reach the customers as many as possible. That’s why companies require advertisement design tips to enhance their advertising outcomes and reach their goal of acquiring large numbers of clients. Here are five advertising design strategies to help you get more consumers.

1. Insert a Call to Action

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Calls to action is an essential technique in advertising. This will make customers take action on what is advertised. Examples of calls to action are “buy now”, “Grab it fast”, “Last stock”, “last discount”, and others. Calls to action can affect the customer’s subconscious and will make them ring. So, make provocative calls to action to influence customer action after seeing the ad.

If your call to action is an important aspect of your message, don’t hesitate to make it big, bold, and prominent. Many advertisements use the call to action as the major point in the advertising design for it to be seen and read first. This theme should be complemented by pictures and concepts that are basic but appealing.

2. Make Your Color Choices Carefully

advertisement design tips

Playing with colors is one of the advertising tips. You might mix and match colors or wear bright hues to attract consumers. Color is a powerful tool in many forms of design, especially advertising. For example, when you have a whitening product, you can use yellow as a bad color representation. Then, you can add a lot of white to get rid of the yellow color as a representation of your whitening product. Color can be used to create a certain tone or mood, provoke specific emotions, or function as a motif.

3. Bold the Important Words

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One technique to convey a message is to write it in bold, capital, and firm fonts. This will be eyecatching because people will focus on the message in bold. Don’t forget, make the other side small so that the message in bold is the priority. Generating gigantic assertions is a brilliant way to garner a lot of attention, so ensure the type is as big and bold as the dramatic claims you make. Consumers will read it first, and it will be more memorable.

4. Use Symbolic Meanings

advertisement design tips

Symbolic meaning can be interpreted as a visual metaphor or visual concept that represents a message by comparing it with other objects that have nothing to do with the image. This technique is very challenging but will bring outstanding results if successful. This technique is widely used in advertisements for cigarette products and other sensitive matters.

When creating a visual metaphor, keep working before you have one that appears obvious enough for customers to comprehend right away. It would be bad if the customer did not get your intention or your message. Work on creating a brilliant and sophisticated visual metaphor that is both simple and straightforward.

5. Make the Image Talk

advertisement design tips

When you have a compelling picture, you frequently don’t need to complement it with the word, as effective as smart copywriting could be. Try to find an image that can represent your product without needing to say a lot.

For example, you can use water that has been soaped with the product you are promoting later, make the area exposed to soap much cleaner, and make the top still dirty. This will make customers think your soap product can make it clean instantly. Let the image you choose explain how your product works.

These are advertisement design tips that might help you in designing a product. Again, before starting, take a look at your product, and see what purpose or message you want to convey to customers. Make it as simple and attractive as possible; the essential thing is that the message is received and the client is piqued.