7 Business Card Design for Professional Look

The business card is still one of the most efficient ways to introduce yourself to potential clients. It shows that you are part of a settled business and is ready to work together. No matter what field of work you belong to, it’s a great tool to ‘advertise’ who you are and what you do.

There are a few things to consider when picking the perfect templates or designing a business card. First, you have to make sure that it’s readable. Choose the right, clear fonts, so it’s easy to read. Second, imagine how it’s going to look. Don’t be too much because the first impression matters. The last is to think about what goals you’re going to accomplish, either with yourself or your company, through the business card.

In this article below, you will find 7 business card ideas that suit your professional career, whether you are a C-level or a startup junior. It’s all customizable and easy to use. Let’s take a look!

1. Simple Business Card Template

(from https://elements.envato.com/business-card-7VZQQW7)

business card

At first, it looks like a name card of some Ivy League lecturers’, with the famous Harvard’s crimson-red color blocking the backside and that pillar symbol in the middle. Well, it’s not segmented, though. This business card template is customizable for corporates or companies’ use.

If you love designing from templates, you can use this one. Just replace the pillar with another symbol that fits your company’s branding.

2. Geometrical Full Color

(from https://elements.envato.com/business-card-9GYZJW6)

business card

This template offers a fun, dynamic-looking style with solid earth colors. It suits everyone who works in creative industries, agencies, event organizers, etc. Come in both front and back layouts, it is also perfect for your branding and personal name card. All templates are accessible to customize.

This business card will strengthen your professional look as a pleasant, experienced individual ready to build a good relationship with clients or customers.

3. The White Minimalist

(from https://elements.envato.com/business-card-S93NF8)

business card

This simple, all-white template will match anyone of you who love minimalism and stylish design. It is designed with strong typography that makes it looks sleek and elegant. It is available in portrait format that suits fashion-related companies or agencies, lifestyle, architecture, etc.

This primarily white space is not boring. It is unique and fully editable for .IDML and .INX file format.

4. The Square

(from https://elements.envato.com/business-card-MU98LQ2)

business card

This modern and simple template is perfect for your company, even for your branding. It is print-ready, with 3,5 inches x 2 inches dimension. This template is a great starting point for designing a business card. You only need to change simple variants like color and symbol. It is to prevent your card designs from looking like other people’s.

5. The Colorful Puzzle

(from https://elements.envato.com/business-card-3PVQ9WX)

It’s a multipurpose layout business card. Looks like a puzzle with colorful pieces that pictures a fun, cheerful mood. This element keeps this card from a boring look. This 3.5 inches x 2 inches dimension has 300 dpi resolution and is print-ready.

6. Mustard and Yellow

(from https://elements.envato.com/business-card-D9Y987J)

business card

It is simple. It is versatile. It can be used for branding, corporates, name card, and marketing purposes. You can adjust the design by simply selecting colors, logos, and fonts that best fit your business. It is print-ready with 300 dpi resolution.

7. The Abstract Artistic

business card

(from https://elements.envato.com/artistic-business-card-KVWDU5)

This abstract artistic business card design can evoke a mood or feeling. Use this template if you are a designer, artist, or work in creative or advertising agencies. This 3.5 inches x 2 inches dimension support has 300 dpi resolution and is print-ready.

You can write down your initial in the middle of the circle. Or, you can fill that circle with your company’s logo. Pick the right combination of colors, abstract images, and fonts that best suits your branding.


This small piece of marketing called the business card is still much needed in this digital age. It proves that you are ready to work together and willing to build a professional career with clients or customers.