7 Recommended Business Fonts that are Widely Used in 2022

Choosing the right font is necessary, mainly if used for business or corporate media. There are several recommendations for many business fonts in 2022 that might be your choice for those confused about finding the correct font.

Recommended Business Fonts That are Widely Used in 2022

Fonts have an essential function for the writing you are making. Not only in writing, even for many other things such as logos. The course also requires the right font so that the message conveyed can arrive and not be excessive.

Choosing an excessive font will hurt you because it looks unprofessional and doesn’t deserve to be trusted. Therefore, it is crucial to know the number of business fonts currently in use so that they are not outdated and more advanced.

We provide some recommended business fonts for your reference that will be commonly used in 2022. This font is widely used because it has suitable functions for business media and the like. Here are the seven recommendations:

1. Helvetica

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The first font that became a trend and was widely used was Helvetica. This font is very popularly used by corporate graphic designers, perfect for logo designs to make it look attractive and fit the company’s needs.

This font has been around since 1984, so don’t be surprised if this font is a lot of choices. Professional designers certainly don’t choose fonts carelessly because fonts are very crucial in the design field. Many well-known brands use this type of font for their logos. Some of them like Panasonic, Jeep, and American Airlines. Made as a favorite font by graphic designers, are you going to try this font?

2. Garamond

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This font is simple but elegant and doesn’t have too much style. Therefore, the Garamond business font is also straightforward to read. Garamond is suitable for magazines, websites, textbooks, and long texts.

3. Trajan

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The Trajan font is still one of the favorite fonts for many people, one of which is famous graphic designers. Have you ever seen posters of famous Hollywood Wood films like Titanic or Game of Thrones? The designer made it with the Trajan font.

4. Grenale Slab

The Granite Slab font is soft and doesn’t have too much style or busy, convoluted strokes. This font is calm yet very powerful, and it is very appropriate that many people use it in various sectors such as plantation, health, etc.

5. Baltica

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The Baltica font is one of the recommended business fonts widely used in 2022. This font is in demand because of its wide use. It can be used anywhere, such as in advertisements, magazines, comics, and headlines.

6. Sassoon

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This font is part of the sans-serif font that many users of existing fonts are interested in. Sassoon is used because the shape and stroke are not excessive and easy to read. Usually, this font is perfect for children’s storybooks because of its excellent shape.

7. Avenir Next

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It is one of the designers’ favorites in many design projects because it looks neat, straightforward, and easy to read without being overwhelming, making it very suitable for logos and others because it is simple.

Avenir Next is one of the best san serif typefaces and is widely used for various design projects. Because it looks neat and easy to read, Avenir Next can be used for logo creation ranging from light to heavy displays.

The selection of fonts is undoubtedly something that must be considered when carrying out related activities. The seven recommended business fonts widely used in 2022 above can help you get inspiration and knowledge about fonts.