Anti-Mainstream Calendar Design Tips For Companies

Are you looking for anti-mainstream calendar design tips for companies? The calendar has a crucial function as a physical form to see the date and the critical days. Wherever you are, there must be a calendar displayed there.

But it will feel ordinary and monotonous if the calendar is in the usual and general form. You need to design as cool as possible to create a calendar’s unique shape and look.

9 Anti-Mainstream Calendar Design Tips For Companies

calendar design tips

The company will usually create a calendar design that reflects the company’s contents. Besides being able to put to good use, the calendar must also look attractive and different.

Of course, to get an attractive appearance, you need unique and anti-mainstream calendar design tips. This will make many eyes glance and be interested in the Design of the company calendar.

There are various types of calendars. Some can be attached to the wall. There are also mini-calendars usually placed on the table. There are several unique calendar designs for companies that you can try.

1. Calendar with Company Featured Products design

calendar design tips

Sounds unique and interesting, right? You can design the shape of the company’s flagship product and make it a calendar form. For example, your company’s flagship product is fish, so it is possible to use fish as the basis for the calendar form.

Make sure the fish that is the calendar design tips is the identity of your company’s products so that it is better known, and don’t forget to keep the company logo for sure. Be a calendar designer for a unique company, right.

2. Calendar with Design on To-Do Book

The agenda book is a simple book that is not too big and can be carried everywhere easily. Putting the calendar in the agenda book is a unique calendar design because you can use it anywhere and anytime.

3. Calendar with Mini Wooden Design

Calendar tips

This calendar is very for and funny, very suitable for companies to look aesthetic. This unique calendar is equipped with markers or stickers that can be used to mark certain events.

Young people usually like this unique calendar design for companies because it has an interactive form compared to other types of calendars, of course. In addition, providing notes or notes that will certainly be more fun and useful.

4.Calendar with 3D Design


Making your 3D is not easy. You can make something 3D with the folding technique you learned in elementary school.

You can also make it digitally by highlighting the company’s logo or product to make it look attractive. Great idea, right? Try these unique calendar design tips and make them a compliment to your desk.

5. Design a Calendar Poster with Illustrations

The calendar design idea that you can use number 5 is a poster with interesting illustrations. You can make an attractive and striking image.

6. Animal Theme Calendar Design

Calendars that look like real animal forms can also be said to be very interesting and different. If you are interested in a calendar design like the one above, choose what animal you want to make the calendar.

7. Bottle-shaped calendar

Bottle-shaped calendars are also included as one of the most creative calendar design tips. This Design saves a lot of space. Its small shape resembling a bottle will look like an ordinary table decoration

8. Typography Theme Calendar

calendar design tips

Compared to conventional designs containing many images, a typographic-themed calendar design will look more unique and stand out.

9. Clock-shaped calendar

Clock-shaped calendar looks more aesthetic and minimalist. This calendar will look neater and match the styles of various companies.

The material used to print this calendar is a type of paper with strong resistance and is not easily peeled off.

A calendar is an item that is always in the company for your convenience because of its function. But you also need to know the idea of ​​a calendar design for a unique company to further add to the function of beauty. Hopefully, the calendar design tips and ideas above can help all of you.