Colorsinspo, the Ultimate Resource for Color Usage and Design

Colorsinspo is a comprehensive source focusing on the use of colors and its application on digital or design projects. On its website,, you will find everything you need to know about colors, including various color tools and supporting materials to help you create a project at its best.

Colorsinspo Design Tools

Colorsinspo offers a number of highly useful tools to assist you in color selection. Let’s take a look a little more closely at each of them!

Color Palettes


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Presents the latest choice of color palettes which include thousand shades and hues in beautiful combinations.

Color Tools


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Provides several comprehensive tools to help you explore and find the best color palette for every design. The tools include:

  • Color Wheel, helping you create a color palette with popular color theories in mind, such as Triad, Analogous, Monochromatic, and Complementary Theory. You can also break the rules and make a new palette for yourself using the custom feature.
  • Color Swatches, offering eight different choices of shades between two random, yet complementary colors.
  • HSLA Color System, giving you the chance to set the main color features (Hue, Saturation, Lightness, and Alpha) for your original color palettes. This tool can also help you create a contrast of two dark colors and two light colors.
  • Gradient Palette, providing up to 25 color choices between two different colors or two-color gradients.
  • Color Name at Mouse Pointer, making you easier in getting the color hex and name for the shade of your choice. Simply move your pointer on the screen, find any color you like—and voila!—you can directly get the name and hex value of that particular color.
  • Guess the Next Color, which is more like a game than a tool. Nevertheless, this is an excellent section to help you practice your sense of color combination. All you have to do is choosing the next color, which complements the color sequence scheme given by the system.



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Offers a collection of stunning gradient colors that you can easily choose and use for different purposes. There are thousands of colors available, so be sure you have enough time to explore them all!

Brand Colors


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Introduces the main color palettes used by various leading and popular brands around the world, including Amazon, Adidas, Coca-Cola Company, Etsy, and many more. Take all those available color palettes as an inspiration to design your own products.

Solid Colors


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Simply provides the names and shades of various solid colors; all are set alphabetically to make you easier when browsing and finding the best color. It is a great way to help you get started with your projects.

Other Useful Features


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In addition to the comprehensive color tools mentioned above, you can make use of other useful features offered by Colorsinspo. The features range widely, including a bundle of articles about color usages and theories in Daily Reads, numerous helpful videos to give you a better understanding of color design in Tutorials, and a multitude of high-quality color templates you can use for free in Freebies. You can also find inspiration from various artists and designers across the globe as well as from selected accounts on social media.

All in all, saying that Colorsinspo helps you choose and find the best color palette for your own design is an understatement. It clearly provides many more features in color usage than you could imagine.