sketch in eva design system

Set Your Project’s Color and Style with Eva Design System

Promoted as “a deep learning color generator”, Eva Design System allows you to generate several new semantic shades after choosing one primary color. More than that, this tool also provides other useful options to support your design in the system. It is a great choice to browse all possibilities you may need on a project, from finding compatible brand colors to adjusting various texts and layers.

Main Features

Here are some notable features offered by Eva Design System to help you work on your design project.

  • Eva Colors Generator


color generator in eva design system


A simple, yet comprehensive color generator consisting of Brand Color and Semantic Colors. Brought to you by Eva Design System, this feature lets you explore four complementary shades after choosing one particular shade as the main color. Once you found the color you like the most, you can easily use it on a project by clicking the color and copying its hex values.

  • Eva Design System – Sketch


sketch in eva design system


Designed for web and mobile implementation, Eva Sketch is a useful tool to get started with your brand projects. It offers an inclusive library of styles and symbols based on the principles of atomic designs. You can work with it on a Smart layout which is available in dark and light versions.

  • Eva Design System – Figma


figma in eva design


It is an open-source platform from Eva Design System that provides a well-organized UI components library, including a unique Color System by AI Generator. While using this feature, you can easily customize the design to find the brand’s visual appearance you are looking for.

Why You Should Use Eva Design System

In addition to its main features, you can have the following benefits while involving Eva Design System in your project:

  1. Eva Design System is equipped with 285 layers styles, 302 text styles, 480 icons, and more than 650 symbols that you can use accordingly.
  2. It provides hundreds of symbols as well as dozens of styles configurations that can be easily customized to fit your brand design.
  3. Its system is supported by the component libraries from Angular and React Native UI, making it easier for you to access and organize it.
  4. It is compatible with most design platforms and applications. There’s no need for you to recalibrate the chosen colors from Eva Design System because the system itself will ensure that your design always stays the same across different apps or platforms.
  5. It contains a set of useful tools and products that you will ever need to find a better color and style for your own design. The tools include Sketch File, React Native implementation, and the interface builder of Drag & Drop feature. Therefore, you don’t need to spend any more time on testing, maintaining, or implementing the designed plan.

With those features and benefits in mind, Eva Design System will be an excellent partner for your next project. The system is not only effective in making your work easier, but can also help you avoid any time-waste and money-consuming steps during the process. Whether you use it to generate colors or customize the styles, working with Eva would be something you will enjoy along the way.