How To Create Brand Storytelling For Your Design

To run a business, you have to be smart to market your products. One of the things you must master is brand storytelling. However, this does not always have to be written in a very long narrative like a fairy tale. You can use your business design to tell what you want to convey. Let’s read this article below.

What Is Brand Storytelling?

brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is a marketing strategy that can arouse the awareness of your audience or customers emotionally from the facts of your business. This is one of the soft-selling ideas that have a huge impact on your business in bringing traffic to purchasing products or services.

This thing can be described with three questions, namely:

  1. Why should customers choose your brand?
  2. How is your product made or created?
  3. Who is behind the scenes of your brand?

Branding Is Also Means Telling Your Story

brand storytelling

When we talk about branding, we are actually discussing what story we want to bring and convey to our customers. Everyone loves a good story. But keep in mind that a good story won’t work without a good way of telling it.

How did you come up with this story? You can create brand storytelling through the designs you make. The combination of the company name, logo and other visuals will psychologically help your customers decide what steps to take after hearing your brand.

For example, when you see the Starbucks logo, you will get an image or idea that Starbucks coffee is a good quality coffee that can accompany you so that you too can feel that you are the person who deserves to drink the coffee.

Things You Should Consider In Telling Your Story Through Design

brand storytelling

After understanding that branding also means storytelling, these are some things you should consider in creating an attractive design as a medium to share your business story with customers.

1. Analyze and identify your story

brand storytelling

In this case, you can identify what you really want to convey to customers about the values ​​that lie behind the product or service you are selling.

You can tell about the most basic values ​​of your business, why you created the business, who you want to help with your business, and how you executed them so that your target audience can successfully accept these values.

However, you need to know that your story also means more than just the questions above;it also includes an incident that was the cause and effect of why you finally created your brand.

The deeper your story, which is told in the right way, the more action your target audience will take after learning the story.

2. Do research on your competitors and know what you will need

brand storytelling

The next step is to research the brand storytelling created by your competitors; how they make the form and storyline so you can make sure that their story is different from the story you want to highlight and convey to your customers.

After knowing the comparison, you can analyze what you have to prepare to build an interesting brand storytelling, such as logos, product images, graphics, and so on.

3. Use the look and feel of your brand to tell your brand’s story.

brand storytelling

After doing several of the two stages above, you can now express it through an attractive and meaningful visual design. You can use a logo, text, and colors that match your business goals to represent the business values ​​that you have.

Little things like fonts can even affect traffic. You can see examples of special fonts for brand storytelling such as “Storytelling Fun Advertising Font” andStorytelling – Luxury Calligraphy”. You can also choose the color of the font palette found in Canva.

That’s information on building brand storytelling for your business needs. Hopefully, this information can be useful and bring more traffic to your business.