Every Design Starts Small, Iconfinder for Your One-Time Need of Icons

Iconfinder is a submission-based icon database. Each of the submissions has been curated by the Iconfinder team. As a marketplace for icons and designs, you can choose the existing design or request a custom design from their database of designers. The database keeps around 3,500 active designers with more than a hundred thousand new premium icons uploaded every month.

Iconfinder Features

When compared with other icon and vector providers, Iconfinder has something special to offer: free access to their icon database. However, you may need to see ads when downloading, but it is a great source of free icons—especially if you are working on something simple. Besides the free database, here are some of the highlight of the features:

  • Iconfinder API

iconfinder API

Once you make an account and sign in to the website, you can download the API application on your computer. The icons on the app can be downloaded directly and used for your design and program as it comes in SVG and PNG formats.

  • Online Icon Editor

iconfinder online editor

The icons in Iconfinder are fully customizable, especially in size, weight, and colors. You can make it unique, so it has better proximity to your brand or themes. Do you know what this means? The online icon editor means you do not have to have excellent design skills, just a bit of knowledge in editing will do.

  • Pay as You Go

Iconfinder understands that you might only need a few icons instead of having to choose several from the hundreds of icons in a pack. So, instead of giving unlimited access to the icons, they allow you to pay as you go instead. You can go down browsing their icons and select the ones that appeal to you, add them to the cart, and pay for what you buy.

  • Designer Community

What makes Iconfinder strong is their designer community. They have more than 3,500 designers who stand by your request. If you need a custom-made icon or even other design elements, these designers can work in a commission-based job.

  • Iconfinder Plan

Besides the feature that allows you to pay as you go, Iconfinder has three types of plans. Each plan has licenses included in them, so the icons are ready for professional use. If you are an active programmer and designer, one of these plans may be suitable for you.

Micro Starter Unlimited
10 downloads/month

Roll-over unused downloads

Single-user plan

Cancel anytime


50 downloads/month

Roll-over unused downloads

Up to 5 members

Cancel anytime

Unlimited downloads

Roll-over not needed

Up to 25 members

Cancel anytime


Price: $9 per month Price: $19 per month Price: $49 per month


On the Micro and Starter plan, you get to use the unused download on the last month for the next month’s download. This way you will get more downloads next month, so no download credits are wasted. For a simplified (and cheaper) price, they also provide annual plans!