Iconscout, The Place To Go For All Your Icons and Vectors Source

For a website, app, or any user interface, the use of icons and illustration enhance the aesthetic look and simplify it. However, the best icons direct the visitors to what they are looking for and not creating an obscure meaning behind them. This is why picking the right icon for each element of your design is quite important.

If you are looking for fresh icons, vectors, and illustrations, Iconscout is the perfect place to go. With millions of choices, you can find just what you need for your digital design and interface. So, what are they offering?

Up-to-Date Packs

iconscout logo

Iconscout is one of those icon, vector, and illustration providers that have designers standing by behind them. This means you would get not only a standard or basic icon but also the most updated icon.

For example, on their Featured Icons this December, you would find Christmas-themed icons and of course, the coronavirus icons. This would help you to sort out the freshest icons that would make a difference in your design.

More than Just an Icon Bank

As mentioned before, Iconscout does not only focus on icons but also in illustrations and 3D icons. This makes it richer than other icon provider websites that only provide basic icons for digital designs. With millions of choices, imagine the possibility that you can make out of the designs!

Easier Use with IconScout App

iconscout app

Browsing through millions of icons can be frustrating, but not with Iconscout app and plugin. Their Iconscout app enables you to have the icons handy at your Windows. However, with each icon and illustration, you have to pay detailed attention to their licenses. There are three types of licenses:

  • Digital Licenses
  • Physical Limited License
  • Physical Unlimited License

The licenses have rules and restrictions especially when it is used for commercials and printed products. To guide you through, Iconscout has provided you with the license information on each pack of icons, vectors, or illustrations.

To make you more comfortable in using the icon, Iconscout also provides a custom license that will surely work great for massive production of icons and illustrations, especially if it is printed.

Custom-Made Icons

Not sure you are finding what you are looking for? With a team of designers behind the icons and illustration, Iconscout allows their users to contact them directly if they need a custom made icon pack for a price.

They will make a personalized icon pack that can adhere to your brand and the design you are making. One of the benefits of the custom-made icons is that you have all the licenses to yourself. So, there is no need to worry about copyright issues.

What If You Do Designs, Too

Iconscout opens the possibility for those who want to contribute to their ever-growing team. If you are good in making icons, logo, illustration, 3D illustration, or even moving graphics, you can be a contributor and let your creativity flows at the Iconscout web.