Open Doodles, a Smart Solution for Adding Illustration to Your Design

Designing or creating drawing content is a good way to engage with your audience thanks to the beautiful visual. However, if you are not accustomed to drawing, designing may be a challenge. Afterall, illustrations are what makes your design visually more beautiful. While creating your own illustration is a great idea to maintain originality, it can sometimes take time, skills and a lot of effort. However, this will not be a problem as there are illustrations websites available such as the Open Doodles that you can use as you want.

What is Open Doodles?

open doodles homepage

Open Doodles is a website that offers free illustrations that you can edit, redraw, share, remix, and so on without any restriction. In other words, it is completely free and it is not restricted with copyright or any licensing law. Due to its flexibility, you can use the illustrations provided in their website for any purpose.

Open Doodles provides various vector illustrations for you to use. The illustrations are hand-drawn doodles of the website’s creator. Some of them were sketched on a notebook, while others were created on Procreate software. The results are a library of beautiful hand-drawn sketches in SVG and PNG format.

Features of Open Doodles Illustrations

There are many features found in this website as well as its illustrations that makes Open Doodles is one of the best open source illustrations websites out there. Here are some of them:

1. Free for commercial and personal use

As mentioned previously, the illustrations are all completely free and you can use it for both commercial and personal use. You don’t need to worry about copyright when you are working with the illustrations from the Open Doodles.

2. Available in various formats

The illustrations are available in three formats, namely SVG, PNG, and animated GIF. Therefore, it will be easier for you to pick any format that suits your needs.

3. Customizable

One of the reasons why Open Doodles is a great option is because of its customizability. You can adjust the color to suit your preferences before downloading the illustrations thanks to the generator provided on the website.

4. Source files versions available

This website is also perfect for beginner designers who look for inspiration on how to create an illustration. That is because Open Doodles offer pre-made composition or source files versions as well.

The source file version allows illustrations to see how the illustrations were made by checking each layer, colors, and how they were arranged. Additionally, this version also gives you the freedom to customize the illustrations even more.

5. Single download button

You can download a few selections that you like or all illustrations available on this website. A single download button is available for you who wants to download all illustrations. Therefore, you will not spend too much time downloading the illustrations one by one.

Open Doodles is a great way to learn or find inspiration on how to create illustrations. This open source illustrations website will help you easily design anything when you are not ready yet to hire an illustrator for your business. With Open Doodles, you don’t have to be stuck with a boring design just because you don’t have an illustrator to work with.