Pixelic for Easier Design Project Collaboration

Working on a collaborative design project is easier with Pixelic, a collaboration tool designed to reduce mistakes and improve work quality. Available for users of various design tools, this collaboration tool is a perfect option for any group projects. Remote working is no longer an inconvenience for group projects with this tool.

What is Pixelic?


Pixelic is a collaboration tool that serves as the third working space for designers, especially those who use Figma. Every team member can work on one project within the same online space as if they are together in an office room or studio. You can share designs and leave feedbacks in one place conveniently.

Designers can have discussions on Pixelic while working together on one design. Without leaving the forum while designing, you can reduce the risk of making mistakes or having miscommunication.

Main Features

Pixelic offers several great features that make the design collaboration project easier. They include:

1. Fresh, Modern Interface

Pixelic has a modern interface design with a fresh look. It looks sophisticated but easy to navigate, showcasing only the most important things. Forget confusion even when working on multiple projects.

2. Real-time History and Organization

A design project requires multiple steps and a lot of discussions between different designers. Pixelic offers real-time history and organization systems to track changes easily. You can return to previous discussions and work on changes or revisions more efficiently.

3. Collaborative Task Boards

The task board feature makes it easier for designers to see to-do lists for every project. Each task board appears alongside the designs, providing a convenient collaboration spot.

4. Comment Feature

Pixelic’s comment feature allows all team members to add comments and notes on the design’s specific areas during the project. It is a great feature for more active collaborative projects, especially when creating a concept and requiring several thoughts to do it.

5. Integration with Figma and Slack

Pixelic offers integration with Figma and Slack to reduce the need for learning new tools. Slack integration is especially useful for sharing feedbacks and comments. You can also continue the discussion in your Slack channel while working with Pixelic.

6. Multiple Shortcuts

Are you looking for an easier way to navigate Pixelic? Various keyboard shortcuts are available to make your work easier.

7. Secure System

Strong security is the key to a collaborative project place. Pixelic provides a safe, encrypted system to provide all data and information of the users. You can also share project-related data and information without worrying about security matters.

Benefits of Using Pixelic

Combining simple navigation, modern interface, integration, and real-time task board functions, Pixelic makes collaborative works easier. Every progress is recorded in real-time, and every change or correction is synced in, allowing smoother collaboration between remote designers.

Collaborative works, especially when done between different designers in one big team, have huge risks of miscommunication. Pixelic reduces these risks and makes your project run more smoothly. Forget avoidable mistakes because of communication problems and start focusing more on tasks at hand!

Modern design works require more collaboration and communication even without the team members being in the same room. Pixelic.io is the perfect solution for convenient, collaborative design projects.