Asking Everything Important in Typography: Typewolf Reviewed

You’re probably that designer who craves perfection for every design project, even if it means that you need to do font research again and again. However, this process should be fun. Because when you have crafted your design and miss this particular piece, then all you need is a spark of inspiration or a set of suitable fonts.


typewolf homepage


Highlighting “What’s Trending in Type” right off the bat, Typewolf assists designers in picking the most suitable fonts for their design projects by displaying actual examples of typeface combinations. The easy-on-the-eye website is a beautiful work of Jeremiah Shoaf, an Oregon-based freelance designer with 20 years of experience.

The Site of the Day


typewolf features


The Site of the Day lists featured a typographic poster of each day, emphasizing the font details. The images are clickable and will direct users to their designated Site of the Day page.



Right below the font name is another link detailing what Font type or family it falls into. The new page may or may not presents a brief description, its Specimen, Similar Fonts, Closest Match on Adobe Fonts (Typekit), Closest Free Alternative on Google Fonts, Suggested Font Pairings, and an external link of where users can get the said font.


typewolf features


Typewolf Font Recommendations & Lists


typewolf features


Font Recommendations & Lists shows themed-based quick reads on top featured fonts. Currently, there are:

  • Classification Lists
  • Alternative Lists
  • Favorite Lists
  • Fun Lists
  • Free Font Lists
  • Site Collections

The Classification Lists are created according to popularity data from more than 2,000 sites featured on Typewolf, while the rest are more based on Shoaf’s personal suggestions. Shoaf recommends visitors to browse from this menu first if they find the Site of the Day section “a little overwhelming.”



typewolf features


Lookbooks flaunts the functionality-inspired fashion lookbooks—hence the name—through its 12 already-done-for-you typeface pairing palettes. Curated with care from more than 100 hours of research, each lookbook gives a picture of obtaining a distinct look using fonts from Monotype Library Subscription, Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, and indie foundries. Each comes at a competitive price.

Guides & Resources



Typewolf goes to extra length with this feature so that visitors don’t have to jump from page to page. So far, the listed guides and resources are:

  • Flawless Typography Checklist ($399)
  • Type Pairing Lookbooks ($39)
  • The Definitive Guide to Free Fonts ($39)
  • Typewolf’s Guide to Adobe Fonts ($39)
  • Typography Books (Free)
  • Typography Cheat Sheet (Free)
  • Typography Resources (Free)
  • Top 50 Best Sites on Typewolf (Free)
  • Typewolf Tuesday (Free)
  • Font Usage Data (Free)

Take note that the prices are subject to change at any time, so make sure to regularly check the site if you wish to make a purchase.

Typewolf also doesn’t forget to include its Blog and About menu. Even though there’s no membership system yet on the website, visitors can always connect with Typewolf through Newsletter every Tuesday.


Typewolf Main Features:

  • Straightforward menus and features
  • Professionally curated font database done based on thorough researches
  • Competitive prices
  • Regularly updated font (the Site of the Day)


We hope the review on above gives precise information about the website and tools offered on it.