Wedding thank you card: some ideas and tips

A wedding thank you card is an important item to remember for a wedding. This card will show the guests that the bride and the broom are very thankful for the guests’ roles or gifts during their wedding. Sending a thank you card is simple, but it’s special. It will remind your guests how beautiful and happy your wedding ceremony was.


When it comes to making this kind of card, there are some ideas and tips for you to consider to make your thank you card more attractive and interesting. You can look at these ideas and tips before deciding thank you card for your wedding.


Wedding thank you card templates

Wedding thank you card

Templates for thank you cards come in various themes and styles. There are huge options of templates that you can choose out there. You can find it anywhere, like on websites for thank you cards or get it from the wedding organizer or people who deal with wedding events. You will find thousands of designs for you to choose from.


When you want to choose a template for your thank you card, a tip is to look at your personality. If you are a cheerful person with positivity, you could try a floral design with a bright and soft color template. While if you are an introvert person, a little dark but beautiful template color like purple could be a good alternative.


Thank you card words and messages

Thank you card words and messages

It is another important thing to consider when you are about to send some thank you cards to your guests. You should write sweet words in your card to make the receivers happy and appreciate your efforts in putting your words of gratitude for them. It will show your love to your beloved guests.


Additionally, this would be a great idea if you could write something meaningful for your thank you card. If you feel confused about what to write, you can always find the inspiration for your wedding thank you card messages. Copying thank card words from the internet is sometimes allowed. But it is better to use your own words.


Thank you card photos

Wedding thank you card


The answer would be your photos when it comes to what photos you should put in your wedding thank you card. It will make the card more authentic and outstanding. Choose your best wedding photos with your partner. It will allow the card receiver to feel proud that they have witnessed a happy couple’s marriage.



Thank you card delivery

Wedding thank you card

One of the most important things to consider is the timing of when you would send your thank you card. A tip for you, do it immediately! Generally, a wedding thank you card is sent to the deserved guests at least 1-3 months after the wedding. However, it would be even more appreciated if you could do it even faster.


Before delivering the card, make sure you double-check everything. The guests who would receive the cards are listed so that you don’t skip anyone who deserves the cards. And a tip for you to do this process is that you do it with your partner. The long process would be more fun when you do it together.


Those are some easy tips that you can consider when you want to send your wedding thank you card. Like other items for marriage like a wedding invitation, this type of card will make your wedding unforgettable for the guests. If you could impress those guests, they won’t talking anything bad about you and your partner in your back. They would talk good about your wedding.