Zeplin for Convenient Collaborative Design Project

A collaborative design project requires multidisciplinary professionals in one workspace, and Zeplin is the best tool. Offering a workspace for all types of team members, Zeplin reduces the risk of miscommunication and makes your project run more smoothly.

What Is Zeplin?

zeplin app

Zeplin.io is an online collaboration space that allows designers, managers, developers, and other team members to work on projects. With the ability to contain multiple projects, they offer a shared workspace with an easy navigation system.

Zeplin was designed for professionals who want to use their time better without being burdened by learning new tools. The collaboration workspace offers integration with other work tools, from the list maker to the design and business communication spaces.

Main Features

Zeplin offers several features that make your work and life easier, including:

1. User-friendly Design

Zeplin is user-friendly even for non-designers. It is perfect for multidisciplinary team members, making collaboration tasks more efficient without teaching other members the functions.

2. Browse Function

The browse function allows team members to explore past projects and designs more easily. You can look for specific designs by using filters based on color or themes, for example. You can also directly attach design files.

3. Multiple Integrations

They offer integrations to several work tools, allowing team members to use existing tools and only adjust a little when starting new projects. This collaborative workspace is integrated with Figma, communication tool Slack, work management and issue tracker Jira, and list-making assistant Trello.

4. Zeplin API

They provide API for developers to create easier experiences with the tool. Currently, some resources are available only as read-only. However, developers can use other resources to adjust and create changes for the best applications. The API page also has Webhooks, a notification system from which developers receive news about changes, allowing them to respond quickly.

5. Global Styleguides

Global Styleguides is the newest feature of Zeplin that allows designers to connect all their projects in one place. Everything is available for adjustment and editing in a centralized location. It was designed to create a smoother, more detailed design while staying in context.

6. Specs Generator

Zeplin offers a specs generator, a feature that automatically finds the best assets, code snippets, specs, and color schemes. It also reduces manual functions such as copy typing, icon exporting, and margin planning.

Benefits of Using Zeplin

Zeplin is not the only collaborative workspace for designers, but it offers several upsides that you cannot ignore. Its multiple integrations with design, communication, and work management tools allow team members to work more efficiently without using too many tools.

Browsing for designs is made easier with Zeplin. You can choose filter words like color schemes and themes, and Zeplin will immediately give you the design files you need. Designers who create multiple designs within the same theme or context can create more consistent works. The integration system also allows all team members, including the non-designers and non-developers, to use it during collaborative works.

All centralized workspace tools must provide ease and supporting features for collaborative works. Zeplin is the ideal option for design works with team members possessing diverse professional backgrounds.