3 Business Flyer Ideas According To Your Needs

As more business models are rising in popularity, more diverse marketing tools are needed to promote them. One of the important aspects of crafting a proper perception of your business is creating a flyer. It needs to be noted that this is a promotional piece handed out to potential customers, making it important that it is inviting and representative of their value. A business flyer portrays the business’s essence and can convey a specific message to the desired audience. Therefore, here are some business flyer ideas to accommodate your business needs.

Photo-centric flyers

business flyer ideas

This type of flyer is accurate if the company’s selling point relies on aesthetic purposes or a certain event, like travel and venue advertisements. This flyer does not present the picture as a backdrop or filler but makes it the first object that the readers’ eyes lay into. It gives off an inviting impression, building the world around the product photo and making it the focus. Due to this style, readers will experience the product beforehand and then gradually go in on the world around it, built by the words, typography, graphics, and other elements.


The go-to font for this type includes Bergen Text, Futura, and other fonts that give off a sleek, professional look. It is done while standing out less to balance the composition and not overshadow the main picture. An example of this would be the Corporate Flyer Simple Abstract Style template.

Ad-styled flyers

An ad-styled flyer is similar to the previous one to promote something but is rather the opposite. This type of flyer puts the information at the forefront and uses a particular branding for corporate purposes. Therefore, using more neutral and muted tones while enlarging the main focus of the information.


With this, you can use an ad-styled flyer to promote a certain event or offer your business provides, effectively attracting customers. It includes discounts, certain cuts, promos, and other desirable offers to boost sales.


This style normally uses bold versions of the Bergen Text and Futura fonts and puts the texts in big sizes to emphasize the information. It can mean that the picture would be equally dominant as the text, or the picture would be utilized as a backdrop. An example of this would be the Golf Club AI and PSD Gift Voucher template.

Response flyers

business flyer ideas

To gain as many reaches, clicks, and attention as possible is one thing, but maintaining that is another issue. It is where response flyers come into play.


This brand of flyers’ purpose is usually to cater to a preexisting audience that is not yet customers by formatting is similar to a frequently-asked-questions type of section. These types of flyers are usually sales-oriented and focus on elaborating the details of what the business has to offer instead of first impressions. Therefore, this is normally information-centered and focuses more on words than pictures.


Like the previous recommendations, the same fonts create a specific effect. The difference is that this type is usually more packed with words and explanations. This flyer can be seen through the Clean Business Flyer AI and PSD Flyer Vo.3 template.


As observed from the previous business flyer ideas, effective marketing can manifest differently. By recognizing what your business needs, purposes, visions, and missions at that moment, you can classify which type of flyer is needed and is best suited to boost sales as much as possible.