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7 Best Font for Resume for Professionals

When applying for a job, whether in a large or small company, your resume is one of the most prominent elements. Similar to your personal appearance, your resume should look professional too. In other words, it has to be fully eye-catching and smart-looking! So, choose the right font for resume to help make your resume appreciable.

Why is Font for Resume Important?

font for resume

A resume is the first impression recruiters notice when they look at you as their potential employee. Therefore, a resume should impress recruiters as well as showcase your quality and capability.

Your resume incorporates several elements such as language, layout, and also fonts. Through these elements, recruiters can see how organized and prepared are their prospective employees.

Besides, it’s no secret that every time a company opens a job vacancy, it will receive a considerable number of job applications containing mainly a resume. Recruiters don’t have much time to look into all of these files that they only take about 7 seconds sifting through each resume.

This is where fonts come into play. Your resume must be appealing to the eyes of recruiters to make it stand out among other applicants.

Luckily, there are various fonts suitable for a professional resume. Find out which font for resume is outstanding among other fonts to make your resume look more like a pro!

The Main Function of Font

Basically, font means writing or letters. So, the main function of a font is to set the type of writing/letters you want to use.

When you start a new document, you simply point your cursor on the font icon. From there, select the type of font you want to use.

The most common fonts used for writing papers and other written works are Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or Cambria. However, there are special fonts for writing a professional resume.

7 Best Font for Resume to Try Out

You don’t need to be good at making creative resume designs, but your resume must look clean and readable with the right choice of fonts. Here are 7 of the best professional font for resume to inspire you:

1. Traveler Note

A simple, readable, and clear-cut font, this font is suitable for writing letters with its handwriting form design.

2. Imagist

font for resume

Belongs to one of the serif font families, this font is very classic with a poetry letter and cursive lettering that looks stylish.

3. Spotnik

Sophisticated and very digital-like type of font, spotnik is suitable for you applying for a digital-technology job.

4. Agentic

As one of the newest font styles created in early 2021, this font is readable and most suitable for writing articles.

5. Bovino

This font is powerful and suitable for people in the business field. Or, those who are applying for professional, high-skilled level jobs.

6. Retro Badger

font for resume

Its classic and vintage form connects to the world of passion and adventure. Just for applicants who adore the western-classic style.

7. Pure Joy

font for resume

There’s nothing wrong with happiness. Just like its name, this font will show your cheerful characteristic. This will win many recruiters’ hearts!

Final Thoughts

In essence, a resume is a frame of mind where you can attach all your best achievements and experiences in one place. However, the font style inserted on your resume plays a big role in making a good first impression to land your dream job. Therefore, make sure you choose a clear-cut, classic, or clean font for resume style listed above.

You may also choose to browse more online at Creative Market and Envato Elements. You might need to pay for the license, but spending some cash for something that concerns your career and success is definitely worth it!