How Youtube Banners Help Your Channel

By now, most of you must have already heard about Youtube. It is currently one of the most viewed video platforms in the world, where creators from all over the world can upload their own video content for others to view. Are you interested in starting your own Youtube channel? Here we will explore how Youtube works as a platform and how you can improve the appearance of your channel and make it better with Youtube Banners.

How Youtube Platform Works

youtube banners

Today, many creators are making a living by posting Youtube videos. This is made possible because Youtube rewards videos with high views on their platform because platforms like Youtube make their money from displaying advertisements in their videos. Every day lots of videos are posted on Youtube in hopes that they can become trending. Here are some of the popular video categories on Youtube:

  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Music Videos
  • Gaming

Importance of Youtube Banners

There are many factors that affect the popularity of a channel. Obviously, the video content is one of the important factors where if a video is deemed interesting by the public or if a video suddenly goes viral, it would increase the number of subscribers and views to a channel. However, a factor which can’t be ignored is the appearance of the channel, specifically Youtube banners, because when a person visits your channel, it is the first thing that they see at the top of their screen, and this could be the decision-maker on whether they will continue browsing your channel.

Improving Your Youtube Channel Appearance

There are some things that can be done to make your channel look better. First of all, you can design unique thumbnails for your videos and make sure that the title of each video is interesting so people would want to click on it. Your Youtube banner must also be properly equipped with eye-catching visuals, and you could include some writings which describe your channel.

Here are some Youtube banner designs which you can use for your channels:

Music Doodle Pattern

youtube banners

This simple doodle design is perfectly suitable for those who are building a music-themed channel. The doodle design gives off a really cheerful vibe and uses bright colors, which attract a lot of attention.

Maze Space Game Board Series

The playful nature of this design makes it very appealing to the viewers of the channel, which are most likely to be children interested in game board video content. The cute shape designs in the form of animals and planets are also a nice touch visually.

Stock Exchange Market Vector Concept Illustration

youtube banners

The loud design definitely speaks volumes and perfectly describes the craziness of the stock market. The design of the bull and bear is adequately defined by images of the people holding a green and red arrow, signifying the price of stocks. For channels that discuss the stock market, this design can surely be a consideration.

In this current generation, it has become a normal thing for someone who wants to be a full-time creator on Youtube or any other platform, so the market for creators is very competitive. To be able to stand out amongst other creators, you need to up the quality of your videos and pay more attention to the appearance of your channel. If you are looking for inspiration on Youtube banner designs, you can visit Envatotuts+ for interesting and unique designs from various creators. Another website that you can visit to keep up with the latest design trends is Creative Market.